Decoding Amazon Sales Variance

In business, what you cannot measure, you cannot improve
- Peter Drucker
Distinguishing Controllables from THE Uncontrollables  

For larger vendors on Amazon seeking to optimize performance, understanding the myriad of factors influencing sales variance by product is crucial. Buy box ownership, sessions, and more can lead to significant fluctuations in sales, yet they are difficult to measure by means of traditional spreadsheets and formulas—especially for extensive product catalogs. As a result, brands operate without understanding the WHY behind fluctuating product performance deltas.

Enter iDrive: We seamlessly sync Amazon’s data not commonly visible on the platform, eliminating the time-consuming task of downloading, processing, and turning it into insightful reports. Our real-time, easy-to-use dashboards vividly display the exact factors influencing your product’s performance. Say goodbye to preparing complicated spreadsheets and uncertainty in your decision making. With iDerive, you gain immediate actionable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions swiftly.

Visualize factors driving Amazon sales variance with iDerive.
Utilizing sophisticated data collection, modeling, and machine learning techniques, iDerive precisely isolates critical drivers from external influences such as market dynamics or competitors’ strategies. Our ‘Sales Change by Period’ and ‘Water Chart’ visualizations offer a comprehensive, detailed perspective on pivotal elements affecting product sales variance:
  • Buy Box (Ownership): A pivotal Amazon element. Possessing the Buy Box directly correlates to higher visibility and sales. Sometimes brands are not alerted when they lose the Buy Box.
  • Sessions: The user activity—the aggregate of multiple page views in a 24 hour period—that is affecting sales.
  • Ad Spend: Advertising investments and their true impact on sales.
  • Pricing: Strategies that either enhance or hinder sales.
  • Trends: Prevailing consumer patterns impacting your category’s sales.
  • And more…

If you aim to not just navigate but dominate the challenging terrain of the Amazon marketplace, you need more than just intuition. With tools like iDerive, your business can be armed with concrete data, machine learning, and actionable insights—to keep you a step ahead of the competition.  


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