Marketplace & wholesale Analytics

Data-driven decision enablement when and where it matters 


Make Smarter


Through real time dashboards,  understand the impact of media investments on incremental sales & new to brand customers

Shine Light on data blind spots

Amplified visibility into business and media performance levers that matter most.

Take fuller advantage of Amazon’s  data richness we synthesize to achieve clarity into your most incremental & profitable campaigns.

Identify hyper-efficient custom  audiences with highest LTV &  optimize campaigns at the keyword contribution margin level.


Develop critical competitive advantage

Level the playing field enabling your finite budgets and team resources to maximize your products’ growth potential.

Be the first to leverage the latest capabilities of the Amazon ecosystem has to offer and establish critical competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Leverage  real-time alerts and drive critical KPI’s




iDerive extracts, centralizes & synthesizes your data into actionable insights in real-time empowering you to optimize sales & profitability of your products

Performance Optimization

Gain competitive advantage through unique optimization opportunities established by the most comprehensive & advanced analytical framework available


Align & optimize your media strategy against your intended goal of incremental sales from new to brand while reducing any cannibalistic dynamics 

category Dynamics

Take full advantage of evolving market dynamics through our real-time  intelligent monitoring capability & recommendation engine



Ability to evaluate the most granular  keyword level at the contribution margin level and across specified LTV ROI time-span 

Measure omni-channel impact

Gain granular understanding of your omni-channel activations onto your Amazon performance, D2C and retail performance

Accurate Demand Planning

Leverage the latest and most accurate product level forecasts encompassing that leverage real-time market, spend, competitive & inventory dynamics

Product Organic/Category Rank​

Gain insight into the most efficient ranking opportunities& capture incremental market share. Identify & address in real time any slippage in market position

Forecasting & Prediction

Forecast & predictive models that continuously adapt to latest market dynamics

Understand Customers’ Behavior

Identify  & target your most profitable client base and micro-audiences  by gaining visibility into segmented LTVs & behavioral attributes

Data Warehouse Enablement

Retain all your historical data at the most granular level

Customized AI enablement

Instantly leverage AI to identify, learn and take advantage of performance dynamics insights and opportunities 

Data History and trends

Always easily visualize your business trends & dynamics from highest to most granular level



Powerful AI continuously monitoring your marketplace performance  & competitive dynamics identifies your untapped growth potential and risks  


AI engine by your side powering your Amazon business

iDerive intuitive AI engines help you work efficiently and drive superior results

Partner alongside AI solutions which provide visibility into the most granular levers of performance under true AI transparency through detailed weighted drivers of optimization recommendations.

Access to real time insights

Fully automated and refreshed hourly or daily depending on Data Sources


Unify and leverage Amazon Marketing Cloud to its fullest potential

Comprehensive AMC based dashboard solution to gain easy access and insight to the most complex dynamics

Turbo charge your basic go to reports and dashboards: Infuse AMC derived insights to gain  accurate perspective on incrementality, cannibalizations and opportunities to scale.

Level the playing Field

most advanced Capabilities

Irrespective of your resources, be confident you have access to the most advanced Marketing & Analytical Solutions available in the Marketplace

Expand your tech and analytical capabilities overnight

iDerive will activate your DSP seat, AMC instance and establish a sophisticated unified Ecommerce Data Warehouse to deliver advanced analytics & insights with Zero data deprecation

We ingest, leverage & performance analytics to all of your omni-channel media activations & sales results to give you the critical perspective you need regarding drivers of incremental performance   

Establish  & access all of your Amazon reporting & insights within a single unified location

Leverage  advanced customized predictive models and analytic capabilities delivered by an assigned dedicated team of:

  • Data Scientist & Media Analysts
  • PPC, DSP and Omnichannel media Experts
  • Data engineers to manage your ecommerce analytical infrastructure


Goodbye insight and data blind spots


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