Empowering brands to be more productive on Amazon.

Data integration and data science provided by a team of experienced Amazon operators


Consolidate channels and data sources into a centralized data warehouse for a real-time, unified point of truth for your business.


See data in a format you can understand and enable quick decision making


End-to-end recommendations turn your data into key actions to remove roadblocks and drive performance

All your data in one place.


for your business.

Seamlessly consolidate all your sales channels and data sources into one centralized data warehouse.

Performance Optimization

Gain competitive advantage through unique optimization opportunities established by the most comprehensive & advanced analytical framework available


Align & optimize your media strategy against your intended goal of incremental sales from new to brand while reducing any cannibalistic dynamics 

category Dynamics

Take full advantage of evolving market dynamics through our real-time  intelligent monitoring capability & recommendation engine



Ability to evaluate the most granular  keyword level at the contribution margin level and across specified LTV ROI time-span 

Measure omni-channel impact

Gain granular understanding of your omni-channel activations onto your Amazon performance, D2C and retail performance

Accurate Demand Planning

Leverage the latest and most accurate product level forecasts encompassing that leverage real-time market, spend, competitive & inventory dynamics

Product Organic/Category Rank​

Gain insight into the most efficient ranking opportunities& capture incremental market share. Identify & address in real time any slippage in market position

Forecasting & Prediction

Forecast & predictive models that continuously adapt to latest market dynamics

Understand Customers’ Behavior

Identify  & target your most profitable client base and micro-audiences  by gaining visibility into segmented LTVs & behavioral attributes

Data Warehouse Enablement

Retain all your historical data at the most granular level

Customized AI enablement

Instantly leverage AI to identify, learn and take advantage of performance dynamics insights and opportunities 

Data History and trends

Always easily visualize your business trends & dynamics from highest to most granular level

Power up visualization

Turbocharge your basic reports and dashboards by infusing them with AMC-derived insights, providing an accurate perspective on incrementality, cannibalization, and opportunities to scale.

Financial forecasting
Fee reconciliation
Historical data
Unlock Insights from AMC
Optimize With Data Science
LTV Driven Decisions
1P and 3P data
Realtime sales
Inventory forecasting
Buy box monitoring
Problem identification

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